Luke Potter Music

Big News

So the big news is that I’ve just signed a management deal with Orlando based Wright Entertainment Group (WEG) and Los Angeles based Orrigami. This is such an amazing opportunity for me and I am soooo excited! They’re awesome people having brought NSYNC, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, The Jonas Brothers, David Archuletta and a quite a few more to the World. As I said, soooo excited and really hoping they’ll help me get my music out there soon!

Since I got back from LA in September I’ve kept busy recording demos of 5 new tracks, working again with my good friend, Jules Reason. Also, I decided to film a couple of lyric videos for two of my most recent songs ‘ So Sugar’ and ‘Crazy Enough (To Try And Change The World’. Hoping I’ll be able to share them with you real soon. Also played a couple of local gigs which as been a lot of fun!

Will keep posting my news and keep an eye out for some new music soon!

6 Weeks in LA…

Hey Guys, just returned from an awesome trip to sunny LA. It’s been 6 weeks of pure music and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Whilst there I was hooked up with some pretty amazing songwriters including: Adam Daniel, he’s a great writer / pop artist who’s just bought out his latest album called “Pop Baby” – please check it out! I also wrote with Bill Bell who, aside from being an amazing musician, is Jason Mraz’s guitarist and band leader. Spookily, the day after we wrote Bill was in the UK playing at the V Festival and I’m still in sunny LA checking out the reviews 🙂 Then I got to write some songs with the fantastic Andy Stochansky. Andy is not only a great guy and songwriter/musician but also happens to be buddies with my idol Johnny Rzeznik, unbelievable!

Once again I was in the studio with the brilliant producer Bleu recording 5 new songs, two of which were co-written with Andy. So I now have a total of 8 new tracks that the world has yet to hear. Hopefully it won’t be much longer and they’ll be out there. Can’t wait!!!

As well as writing and recording I got to play a gig at Koffeehouse at the Hyatt hotel in LA which is a lovely venue. My friend and drummer on my songs, Joe Seiders joined me on drums and we had a real fun night.

I’ve also been visiting a variety of eating  places, some have been very posh, some have been very basic and some have really taken me out of my comfort zone (authentic Japanese thanks to Bleu) but all have been totally great.

I’ve come back home with exciting opportunities that I’m desperate to share with you all but have to wait for everything to be finalised. I’ll  be sure to let you know as soon as I can. Until then, I hope you all had good summer and let’s hope the warm weather lasts a little longer. I guess now X Factor’s back on the tv in England it means Xmas will be here soon, ha ha!

Bye  for now. Luke 🙂

June / July News

So it’s almost time to head back to LA. Only 2 days and I’ll be flying off to record more songs with Bleu producing. And I’m hoping to meet and write with some great guys too!

Very excited 🙂

Most of my efforts over the last few weeks have been working on new songs for the trip but I did manage to film a video for ‘There It Goes Again’, which is a song I recorded with Bleu back in April. There’s an outtakes video up on YouTube so do take a look if you can. It’s a bit of fun J Link is:

Also, since my last update I have been working with my good friend Jules on re- recording two songs in a country style to hopefully show my songwriting talents.  The first one is called ‘ What Do You Want’ and is being sung by the very talented Marissa May. The other is ‘Coming Home’, Jules and I co- wrote the new version and he is singing lead vocal. It’s all a bit different but I’m really happy with how they turned out. Must put Nashville on my list of places to go!

I’m hoping to be touring in the autumn so please keep a lookout at my ‘live dates’ section of this website.

Enjoying the hot weather and hope everybody who reads this is having a great summer too!

More news soon 😀