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Meet Heckyl

It is with an excited, if anxious, heart that I have decided to start a new artist project called ‘Heckyl’

Over the years I have worked with some incredibly talented writers and producers, but behind the scenes I have slowly been putting myself in a position to release music that I have written, performed and produced in my Sweet Factory Studio!

The idea behind all this is that some people struggle with that voice inside their head… especially when that particular voice has the ability to either makes you feel extremely low, be overly sensitive or just help feed creativity. Yes, it’s a curse that is sometimes a blessing. Heckyl is my inner voice!

In the songs I hope you’ll hear all of that madness combined. Simply put they’ll be about my life and my experiences of dealing with ‘Heckyl’

And the first single Preacher is out on March 26th! Here’s a link to pre-save to it: Preacher

What If I – The Video

What If I

“It may be uncomfortable to put out a song that shows raw emotion that you felt a few years ago, especially when you’ve moved on. But everyone is in a different place in his or her lives and this song couldn’t have been more real. The vocal was recorded moments after finishing a relationship that was supposed to have had a ‘happy ever after’ ending.  All the feelings were true.

This is how it sounds when you know you’ve broken someone’s heart.”

Written with my great friends Marcus Lindberg and Hjalmar Wilen, on one of their trips over to the UK from Stockholm to work with me, my single, ‘What If I’, is out now! Please go listen here