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I may have been a little quiet in 2019 but I was actually pretty busy in my new studio, The Sweet Factory. I wrote and produced my single, ‘Healing’, early in the year and Ultra released it in May. The feedback was great and it made me work harder on song production. I worked with a lot of really talented people through the year and managed to find time to work on my stuff too. I think I’m gonna look back on 2019 as a time when I worked hard and made big steps forward with my music and that which I created with other guys.

Healing Lyric Video Live


If you haven’t heard my new single, ‘Healing’ is out NOW!  It’s my first single on Ultra Music and I want to thank them for all the support they’ve given me – really exciting to finally be putting out some new music on such an iconic label.

“Healing’ is a very personal song. “Sometimes I have anxiety and self doubt and this is my story of deciding that I’ve given enough time to the negative voices in my head and I’m ready to be the person I choose to be.”

Really proud to say it’s been chosen to be Record of the Day today.

Anyway, hope you like it a lyric video coming very sooooon! Please check back to watch, it’s cool!

And here’s the link to listen on all the main music providers: