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I flew to Sweden on February 22nd and spent 4-5 days writing with several guys at The Roasting House in Malmo. Amazing guys and I came out with 4 new songs that I’m really proud of.

Then it was a 4-hour train journey to Stockholm where I spent a further 10 days writing and recording with more incredible writers and producers all over the city. 6 new songs too!

Sweden is an amazing country with some really talented music people. I’m really hoping I can go back again soon 🙂 There are lots of pictures on my FaceBook page at so check them out!

Thanks to my awesome management team for setting this up! Next on my schedule is a trip to Canada to write more songs so please check back for news 🙂

News from Rainy old Somerset!

And… it’s all been a little crazy recently. Aside from writing and getting to grips with my new home studio set-up I’ve been doing School dates. And they’ve been amazing!

I spent a week in Yorkshire at the end of January and then the first two weeks of February in Kent. So many highlights and the students were awesome. I loved it 🙂

Off to Sweden next weekend for 12 days to write and record with some guys out there so really looking forward to that. And in March it’s gonna be more writing in Toronto with Los Angeles pencilled in for April. Loving life!

In the meantime do please take a listen to my new recording of ‘It’s Okay To Dream’ produced by Bleu. It’s on SoundCloud at do hope you like it!

More soon…

Happy 2014!

So, it’s been a while since I updated things here. Happily I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve been writing, recording and getting ready for 2014 and its gonna be great! There are lots of new songs that I’m really happy about and that I’m hoping to get out there soon.

I spent the last couple of months in Orlando where, aside from spending time with my new management team, I played several gigs. And a big highlight was meeting Justin Timberlake and seeing him live. He is awesome! 🙂

The plan for the year is still being worked on but I’ll share updates here and via Facebook and Twitter. So please come back again soon.

Happy New Year! Luke 🙂